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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Dragons of Lyndaria

Who doesn't love dragons? If you're a lover of fantasy, chances are you love dragons as well. I adore dragons. In fact, I have a fantasy romance series called "The Legends of Mynos" at Samhain Publishing. The first two books are available now in eBook, and you can find out more about them here:


I love this series, and the BIG reason is because of the dragonlore. While it's true, my fantasies might not bring anything "new" to the table, I like to think my dragonlore is what makes them unique. Dragons are very complicated beings in my world. Very intelligent, very ancient, very astute magic users. I'm currently writing the third book in this series, THE WOLVERINE AND THE FLAME, and even now, the dragons of my world are still revealing things to me.

Things I've learned from the dragons of Lyndaria:

They have a heirarchy. It's not a dragon free-for-all.

They don't hoard jewels. My dragons have better things to do. lol

Depending on their color, they have different temperments.

They can shift into humans, yet they don't look quite human, still bearing the coloring of their scales on their skin and in their hair, with slits for pupils.

The fire they breathe isn't "normal" flame. It's a magical flame with special properties.

If they are consecrated after they die, the dragon's body will turn into "pure magic", becoming a gem the color of their scales. This gem is a "blank slate" to be enchanted with any power the wielder sees fit, thus becoming a powerful magical talisman.

This is just some of the things I've learned from my dragons. Their relationships are almost as complicated as the main characters. I love my dragons. In fact, Mynos is my favorite character out of all my books. He's ancient, wise, benevolent, and yet, still playful. He's the "glue" that holds my series together, and he ignited my love of dragons.

If you get a chance, I hope you get to know Mynos as well. In fact, he has a gift for you: a free read. Come and fly with him in the skies of Lyndaria. You won't be disappointed.




Anonymous said...

Your dragons sound very interesting, Becka :) Great pics you posted, too.

Becka said...

Thanks, Ali! Dragons mean more to me than simply being cool, as well. Mynos has been with me since I was 13 years old. In fact, the story behind THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE has been with me for YEARS. So to see it published at Samhain is literally a dream come true, because I used to daydream about being published with that very story. :P

So dragons embody the whole "Believe in your Dreams" angle for me. Whenever I see them, I've gotta smile. :)